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About the Software

This page contains a selection of simple programs that I made with AutoIt. The programs should work on any version of Windows released after Windows Millennium Edition. Please read the release notes contained in each zip file before running any of the programs. All the software on this page is free to download and is also portable; meaning that there is no installation process, and you can run the programs from a memory stick.

Occasionally some antivirus programs mistake AutoIt software for a virus. This seems to be occurring less frequently nowadays. However it is important to realize that any detection is quite likely to be a false positive. Therefore you may choose to verify the SHA1 hash of the zip files you download using a file hash utility. A good one can be found at the following website:

Noughts and Crosses

Despite its simplicity, noughts and crosses (also known as tic tac toe) has always been a favourite game for children. Playing the game requires you to think ahead, enhances attention span and helps to develop a greater capacity to solve problems.

This version of the game has two levels of skill and five modes of play. Besides playing against the computer, you can also play against a friend, or watch as the computer plays against itself.

In analysis mode, each available grid field is highlighted with one of three colours. Blue squares represent winning continuations, red squares represent losing continuations and yellow squares lead to a drawn game. Click the screenshot on the right to enlarge the image.

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File Verification
SHA1: 66383EF192C17F5FAB87670F29612F02A3CA0F08
  Naughts and Crosses

µTempo Metronome

µTempo is a very basic metronome with one additional feature. There is an option to increase the speed gradually by adding a number of microseconds to the bpm after every beat. This feature is only intended to be used for scale practice and mastering difficult passages of music. For studying repetoire, you should use a standard setting.

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File Verification
SHA1: 9029EBB73DDEF70D5D9478CB0B0956DDD9BBE778

Please report any bugs to the following email address . If you would like to compile any of the programs yourself, then email me and I will be happy to provide you with the source code.