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Entropi Encryption

Overview of the Program

After several dubious attempts to create a strong encryption program, the Entropi encryption algorithm was conceived. To counter the vulnerabilities found in earlier attempts, several strategies were employed. The encryption process takes place in two dimensions, rather like a cross weave pattern. The employment of pseudo randomly selected replacements, combined with a unique method for creating pseudo chaotic strings, produces an order of complexity which is difficult to assess.

The program only works with ASCII characters. The extended ASCII character set is also supported, although the main purpose of the program is to encrypt English text and numbers. Passwords can be made up of any combination of printable characters; so you could use a sentence, or include symbols and punctuation marks. Brute forcing a long password of this nature would be an extremely painstaking procedure and could take many years. NOTE: To ensure a strong encryption, the letters in the password should appear in non-alphabetical order. It also helps if you repeat a few characters.

Entropi Screenshot

What is the Nature of an Entropi Encryption?

The sample below is an encryption of the following well known phrase repeated ten times:
'a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'


Despite the fact that the plain text is comprised of the same phrase repeated ten times, it can clearly be seen that each line of the encryption is different. If you were to use the same password to encrypt the same message again and again, the result would be different each time. The only drawback to this is that using the same password to produce several encryptions of the same text may present potential hackers with too much information. Providing you avoid creating such duplicates, this weakness can never be exploited.

Additional Information

Entropi was only designed to encrypt small to medium sized text files. It would probably be too slow for anything on a larger scale. Some analysis has been done during testing, and the results would indicate that encryptions of up to 200,000 characters are impenetrable to frequency analysis. Much larger amounts of data can probably still be encrypted with impunity, although theoretically a longer encryption could leak small amounts of information. Whether such leaks are critical is an open question. They may simply introduce greater ambiguity due to the nature of the cipher. Personally I wouldn't attempt to crack an Entropi encryption.

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Please read the release notes in the zip file before running the program. For anyone who is interested, the source code is available at: